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For an exclusive wedding reception, look for Vail Catering Concepts, a Beaver Creek wedding planner

To arrange for the reception on the day of your wedding you might be looking a competent Beaver Creek wedding planner. Look no further than Vail Catering Concepts! Planning for a perfect wedding ceremony is both exciting and challenging. and we look forward to it. Our experience with buffets or dinner entrees will certainly enhance your big day.

Vail Catering Concepts, a proficient Beaver Creek wedding planner, with the help of a team of professional chefs strives to offer its customers with a perfect catering experience. Our long years of service in the food and beverage industry help us efficiently deliver gourmet food to our customers. Our staff of waitresses and bartenders is well trained and make our catering service seamless.

Vail Catering Concepts opened its doors with the soul objective to serve people with exclusive variety of specialty food items. The chefs of Vail Catering Concepts undertake extensive research on global cuisines and dedicate their knowledge of innovative style of cooking only to prepare and offer you with a comprehensive list of food items.

Check out some of our dishes:




Grilled Steak

Dinner Entrée Selections

Truffle bacon twice baked potato, roasted beets, steamed broccolini, horseradish demi galce.

Wild mushroom ravioli

Dinner Entrée Selections

Roasted baby squash, roasted red pepper, parmesan, fresh basil and roasted shallot sauce.

Traditional paella

Dinner Entrée Selections

Shrimp, mussels, sausage, saffron rice and crostinis

You may click here to get the entire list of food items under Dinner Entrée Selections menu.

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For a great wedding with Vail Catering Concepts, a renowned Beaver Creek wedding planner.

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