“As one chef to another, I find Eric Berg’s food to be an outstanding statement of flavor.

Breakfast menu
  • Assorted pastries and breakfast breads.

  • Fresh cut fruit platter.

  • Organic yogurt with organic granola .


  • French toast- plain or stuffed.

  • Crepes stuffed with eggs with either veggies or meats .

  • Egg filled turnovers in puff pastry with meats or veggies.

  • Assorted scrambled eggs.

  • Assorted breakfast burritos.

  • Assorted egg stratas-these are layers of bread and other fillings with an egg.
    Custard poured over the top.

  • Assorted quiche-lots of varieties.

  • Belgian waffles—made to order.

  • Pancakes.


  • Hash browned potatoes.

  • Country fried potatoes with peppers and onion.

  • Roasted cheesy potatoes.

  • Sweet potato hash.

  • Potatoes au gratin.

  • Herbed roasted potatoes.

  • Soft polenta or polenta cakes of assorted flavors.

  • Garlic and parmesan grits.

  • Many of the sides can have meats added to them.


  • Applewood smoked bacon.

  • Seared Canadian bacon.

  • Spiral sliced ham.

  • Pork sausage- links or patties.

  • Smoked salmon.

  • Smoked trout or whitefish.

    Sample breakfast pricing

    1.On the go breakfast--continental style start at $14.95
    Assorted pastries, muffins, breakfast breads, yogurt, granola, fruit platter, juice, coffee milk.

    2. Continental with French toast/pancakes, a meat, side dish, and choice of an egg dish start at $19.95.

    3.Continental breakfast with eggs cooked to order such as an omlette station or eggs benedict, all specialty entrées, meat, choice of side dish $24.95, plus a chef fee, and servers fee.

    4. We can customize a brunch menu too.
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