“Life is delicious”


Appetizers Choices

  • Homemade Duck sausage with an orange-fennel sauce on a fresh pizza cracker
  • Tandori Chicken skewer with a saffron-mint raita
  • Tempura fried Portobello satay with homemade chile sauce
  • Assorted grilled Pizzas with grilled Vegetables, Shrimp, Chicken or grilled fruit
  • Sushi rolls with choice of Crab, Tuna, Wild Salmon or Veggie Saltimboca style prosciutto rolled around seared chicken breast with a sage white wine sauce also available with grilled asparagus
  • Herb Polenta "fries" with a homemade balsamic-tomato ketchup
  • Pork or Lamb Souvlaki served with roasted pepper-eggplant sauce
  • Carpaccio of Whitefish on a fresh baguette and herb brandy sauce
  • Vegetarian Sushi- marinated and seared tofu wrapped with nori and sesame seaweed salad
  • New Orleans style Muffaletta crostini- olive mixture with cured meats
  • Coconut Tuna Tartar- in a green curry cup with grilled pineapple
  • Shredded Morrocan Lamb served with a caramelized onion, tomato, marjoram bruschetta on a crisp pita
  • Wonton Dumpling "tootsie roll" choice of filling- Veggie, Chicken, Pork and a spicy sechuan sauce
  • White Bean puree, grilled Italian sausage on a parmesean crostini
  • Tuscan Fish cakes topped with a smoked paprika sauce
  • Shaved Daikon radish rolls with crab salad and tomato maple soy sauce Grilled Melon or pineapple wrapped with prosciutto and served with honey-mint glaze

Fresh Salad Choices

  • Soba Noodle salad with baby carrots, bean sprouts, carrot, water chestnut, tomato and sesame-stone ground mustard dressing
  • Cucumber-watermelon-tomato- feta-mache with a coriander dressing
  • Mediterranean Salad- grilled peppers, onion, olive, tomato, radish topped with marinated grilled calamari
  • Watercress salad with avocado, bacon, jicama and a light citrus vinaigrette
  • House cured Rosemary-pink peppercorn Salmon on a bed of arugula, red onion, orange beel pepper and yellow beans with a Tomato-basil vinaigrette
  • Grilled radicchio Salad with roasted beets, caper berries, yellow tomato and fresh mozzarella
  • Fresh Nappa cabbage slaw with peppers, carrots, snow pea and a rice wine vinaigrette
  • Roasted potato salad with chick peas, red swiss chard, celery and bacon dressing
  • Traditional Beefsteak tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and basil with balsamic syrup
  • Bibb lettuce quarters with grapes, kiwi, strawberry, goat cheese and lemon grass vinaigrette


  • Seared Muscovy Duck breast on a Basil-mint risotto cake, sautéed spinach, roasted yellow tomato and a fresh cherry-cassis glaze
  • Seared Ahi Tuna served with sesame soba noodles in a wonton bowl sautéed green beans and red miso sauce
  • Grilled Natural Airline Chicken breast over jasmine rice, baby French carrots, sautéed Swiss chard and a grape-golden raisin chutney
  • Tenderloin grilled and served over Yukon gold potato-poblano mashies grilled peppers, roasted patty pan squash and pineapple salsa
  • Black Cod Pad Thai over rice noodles with bok choy slaw and grilled Japanese eggplant
  • Grille Pheasant breast on lemon-pepper pappardelle noodles and rustic tomato-caper-eggplant caponat
  • Mahi-Mahi wrapped in a banana leaf over zucchini noodles, nappa cabbage, shitake mushroom topped with a banana salsa
  • Indian BBQ Pork Tenderloin roasted sweet potato, grilled fennel and pineapple Fresh water Walleye cracker crusted and served with purple potato, asparagus and fresh tarragon tartar sauce
  • Rack of lamb on a bed of watercress-arugula salad, spicy tomato gazpacho sauce, chervil crème fresh and Lump Crab garnish
  • Wild Alaskan Halibut topped with basil-orange-fennel compote, roasted fingerling potato and sautéed mixed baby greens
  • New York steak grilled with peach-habanero sauce, quinoa pilaf and seared plantains
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon marinated in curry served over lime-ginger basmati rice, sugar snap peas and oyster mushrooms
  • Chile Rellenos stuffed with black beans and cheese served with cumin cilantro rice and corn-chayote squash salad
  • Please inquire about vegetarian options


  • Lemon Cake with cream cheese frosting and ice cream
  • Fresh Rhubarb-Strawberry compote in a phyllo cup and fresh whipped cream
  • Banana cream pie with kiwi sauce
  • Traditional strawberry shortcake with whipped cream
  • Honey-Lavender chocolate tart with mango ice cream
  • Banana bread French toast with maple whipped cream and brulee banana
  • Fresh berries marinated with mint and grand marnier served with sugar cookies
  • Peach and blueberry turnover with ice cream and crystallized ginger